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Through this electronic information product, you are going to learn how to plan, manage and adapt etiquette to your wedding that give you a memorable wedding event for your life...

Here's Part Of The Topics, You'll Learn Inside:

  • How to properly determine who's doing what.  p. 9

  • Discover how to handle invitations and announcements.   p. 21

  • The wedding etiquette breakdown of who's who.  p. 10

  • Learn the several key elements to remember for the wedding shower.  p. 16

  • A step by step guideline of what normal wedding showers include. p. 19

  • Discover the etiquette friendly ways of writing wedding invitations.  p. 21

  • Learn all the different things you should include in the invitations.  p. 22

  • Discover what else goes in the wedding invitations.  p. 24

  • When and when not to accept gifts during your shower.  p. 41

  • How to return gifts.  p. 43

  • How much tip and how much?  p. 45

  • What is proper etiquette for a destination wedding?  p. 51

  • What if, may it never be, you have to call it off?  p. 57

  • and much more...

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